Friday, November 29, 2013

One Post at a Time

And you thought that I forgot about my blog as well as my password. Not so. I know my password and the URL of my blog very well, thank you! I have just been mentally blogging for the past 5 1/2 months. Sorry not to have shared my mental blogs with you but if we take this one blog at a time from this point forward, things just might work out for us.

I thought the easiest way to ease back in to my blog, one post at a time, would be in a quick list sort of way. In the past five-point-five months, my life has included these fragments:
  • I finished my 200-hour yoga teacher training certification. I could write several other posts (which I might) about my training experience, but just know that my original list of observations for my training were bang on - yoga teacher training is like breastfeeding and Vegas!
  • Yoga teacher training had as much if not more impact on my life off the mat than it impacted my life on the mat. Just ask my husband and my sons. And that is where is the mat.
  • Enough about yoga...
  • Changes off the mat were primarily the reason for my blogging absence.  I was/am more present in my actual life and spend time in the moment, enjoying and experiencing. There was no time to blog. Now the pendulum may swing back and pick up time for a blog or two somewhere in mid swing.
  • Ok now enough about yoga...
  • We celebrated Thanksgiving with part of our families and greatly missed those not with us. We are blessed in so many ways, every day.
  • My hubbie and I  both went to the University of Tennessee. Part of both our families live in Tennessee. Part of our hearts still live there too. Our boys are growing up with a divided sense of home. Their true home is in Maryland but their family home is in Tennessee since we spend so much of our vacation time there visiting family and checking on our roots. Many holiday and family traditions are made and played out at the foot of the Smokies.
  • This past week we indoctrinated the boys into another Tennessee tradition. This one is decidedly un-yogalike....UT Football! There is nothing quite like the roar of 100,000 UT fans, all dressed in that special orange, singing Rocky Top at the top of their 200,000 lungs. 
  • The UT vs. Vanderbilt game was the first game for our boys and was the first one in about 20 years (how can that be!) for my husband and me. Despite the 20 degree temps, the face burning wind gusts and the very disappointing last minute loss, it was a warm, cozy Tennessee tradition which we all agreed will be revisited next season. We are thinking of an earlier season game where we can wear fewer layers. What do you think?

Good ol' Rocky Top!


  1. SO glad you are blogging again! !

  2. Thank you Nancy! I will try to continue ;-)

  3. It's nice to see you back here. Congrats on completing your yoga training. Love the game day photo! We'd love to get back to a game one of these days!

  4. I love the family photo! Glad your blogging again. Let me know when I can take your yoga class!


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