Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hey Nineteen!

I am a muse. It just hit me this morning and it sounds sort of silly when I say it out loud but it's true. I am my husband's muse. To be fair, he is mine too but that's another post.

My husband is a songwriter. In all the years we have been together, he has written countless songs about and for me. He has written many other songs about many other things as well but so many of his songs are about moi. I am Linda to his Paul. His Yoko to his John. Or maybe Sharona to his Knack.

Today is our anniversary. Nineteen years. We don't do big anniversary gifts. But he broke the rules and gave me another big one. His gift to me was reading a new set of lyrics to a new song. I won't share it here but just know how special those words are to me. You may get to hear them one day (after copyrighting is in place).

So to my husband - Happy Anniversary! In some of his words:

We've Just Begun! Baby Can't You See? You are My Cup of Tea! Sweet Lover, I Think of You and there Ain't Much More Than That. Whether you like it or not, I Ain't Going Nowhere and I do see The Blue in You. 'Cause you are My Lovin' Kind and my Piece of Heaven. See you Late Tonight!

italicized words are song titles by B. Scott for C. Scott

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