Monday, May 6, 2013

He is from....His Own Land

And into the Land of First was born another.
This new One was not to be Second, for Second would mean another of the same.
Or another lesser than the First.

This new One would be Second in chronology only.
This One would be a sort of his own, a First in his own way.
And he would take us along on his surefooted trek through the Land of Second to None.

He arrived and jumped right in lock step to the flow that had begun before him.
He marched a few steps along with us and then showed us another way to move.
Easy, relaxed, hopeful, joyous.

He is from Blanket and Guess How Much I Love You.
He comes from a place where babies sleep through the night, smile more than cry and
give good kisses.
He is from the moon and back.

He is from Mama, I can do it myself.
He is from creativity and look what I made!
Where he comes from they ask what if we did this?
And, want to play the game I made up?

Where he is from, you go first, I can wait.
I don't mind, sure I'll share.
But he does not come from I don't matter.
He is from a place where giving in is not giving up.

He is from the endangered and recessive: a natural redhead.
He is from his Mama's line of gingers,
his Daddy's line of Scottish eyes of blue.
He stands out here.

He is from his Daddy's musical heart.
He is from melody and tone and rhythm.
He is from singing along and dancing around.
Where he comes from they play it by ear.
He is from harmony.

He is from the place where things come easily
But he understands when to work hard.
He is from keep your eye on the ball and wait for the right pitch.
He is from good sport, good game, good game, good game, good game....

He is from books and more books and words and stories.
He is from read to me, let me read to you.
And let's read it again.

He is from comic genius, word play and quick wit.
Where he comes from laughter spills all over everything and smiles are free.

He is from a place I want to go.
He is from ease and peace
He takes you there when you need reminding
That is the place where you come from too.

Happy Birthday, King of Second to None!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Missy! That means so much coming from you.

  2. These are both a wonderful gift.

  3. What a great post! I love how you do that! :)
    Happy birthday to #2! :D

  4. Such a sweetie that double digit boy!

  5. This is such a beautiful post! Can't believe he's 10! Love you guys!


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