Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Holding Hands with Grace, One Year Later

Today marks a full year since we lost our Anna. I have asked many times in the past year, how do we go on? The answer to my question every time has been the same as it is today...we just do with strength and will and with as much grace as we can muster.

My husband wrote a particular song, "Holding Hands with Grace," during Anna's illness. He had lost his own mother, Pat, to cancer just two weeks before Anna's diagnosis and was grieving her loss. Anna's diagnosis set the world further upside down for us. With Anna's struggle and strength in mind, writing the song was my husband's way of working out the sometimes incomprehensible things in life and laying down that need to understand.

The song is a comfort to us and our family. My husband was even able to sing it at Anna's family memorial service in Tennessee in June 2012.

On this anniversary, Bo Weevil (my husband, Anna's uncle) is releasing his latest album titled "Holding Hands with Grace". The album is dedicated to Anna and Pat and the wonderful memories shared with them in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.

The full album and as well as individual tracks are available for download by clicking here or on the image above. The full web address to access is

Since HHWG is so strongly connected to Anna, proceeds from the download of the single HHWG will be donated to:

Anna Daley Fighting Saint Scholarship
Saint Charles East High School
St. Charles, Illinois

This scholarship was established by Anna's parents, Sean and Lisa, to award graduating seniors who exhibit high academic achievement as well as personal qualities of integrity, leadership, community service, spirituality and, in true Anna Daley Fighting Spirit, the ability to transcend life's challenges and to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

While the 2013 scholarships have already been funded, Anna's mom, Lisa has set forth a challenge to get the 2014 scholarships started with as many downloads today as we can.  Let's see how far it goes!

And to readdress the question, how do we go on? We remember Anna:

"living a life of love, a joyful look upon your face. 'Cause you're Holding Hands with Grace."
 - Bo Weevil


  1. As always a beautiful tribute. You have done her proud, today and all year long.

  2. Such a lovely way to honor Anna with Brian's song. Heavy heart you guys.


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