Wednesday, May 1, 2013

He is from...the Land of First

He is from a place that holds no memories for him.
But we remember that place. Our first house, first yard, first baby.
His first foods, first words, first steps, first birthday.

He is from a place of new experiences, leading the way, pulling us along with him. 
He is wide-eyed but ours are wider as we follow his confident lead through the Land of First.

He is from collections of collections.
Bugs, rocks, youth's objets d'art.
He is from Blue Boy and Goodnight Moon.

He is from sentimentality and let's pack it away for later.
He is from this could come in handy sometime.

He is from his Daddy's mold.
Blue, analytical eyes seeking the proof.
He is from how does it work?
He is from taking it all apart and putting it back together.
He is from I can make it work better.

He is from devices, gadgets, contraptions and gizmos.
Where he is from, he fixes my computer, my phone, my digital everything.
He is from invention and high technology, physics and electronics,
hydro-this and quantum-that.
He is from the place where my head spins.

He is from his Mama's mood.
Where he is from, thoughts run deep and feelings run deeper.

He is from loving, hugging, sharing.
He is from keeping it all in sometimes.
He is from iron will and gotta be right.

He is from growing up quick with an old soul's grace.
He is from a long line of those who cry in the driveway.
Where he is from, big brothers show the little one the ropes.

He settled in the land of good Scout, good friend, good brother, good family.
He is from the place where a boy needs a dog whether he knows it or not.

He is from the Georgia heat, the Tennessee hills, the Maryland suburbs.
He is from worlds I don't understand,
dubstep, texture packs, white lists, post-apocalyptic story lines.

He is our first teenager. Our eyes grow even wider at the thought.
Increasingly, he will belong to his worlds more than he will belong to ours.

But he will always be welcome in our world.

Happy Birthday, King of First!


  1. Your post is a beautiful gift! Happy #13 Jude, Courtney and Brian!

  2. Happy 13th, Big Guy - the world is a better place because you are in it. Much love and hugs from Georgia.

  3. Happy Birthday to him! we remember here in Georgia!

  4. Love it. Awesome pictures. Wonderful boy! Happy 13th Jude! We love you!!!


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