Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Fragments - Spring Edition

Thankfully Spring is finally here. Unfortunately, it has brought lots of rain.

This baseball season we've had more rained out practices and games than ones that have actually occurred. But there have been enough sunny days for me to get a few pictures. Check the focus on the ball as the runner on first advances.

Have you ever seen a cuter baseball player?

I didn't think so.

Spring is also time for band concerts.

So serious. And handsome too.

Spring is also time for my azaleas to show off.

Reminds me of Atlanta.

Yay Spring!


  1. Love the azalea pics!
    We seem to live at the soccer fields. But tournaments are this weekend and then it's all over till fall. I'm ready, but I'll miss it after a few weeks!

  2. Those azaleas are beautiful! We have little bitty ones in our front yard because CH insists on buying the cheap ones that take forever to grow!
    Your youngest looks so much like you! You have a couple of handsome boys!

  3. I've been going through your posts. Love your photos!


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