Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Fragments

I'm back to unload my Friday Fragments, bits and pieces that by themselves might not be worth a whole post. But put them together and it's lots of fun. In no particular order, I give you:

A new favorite pasttime: Inspired by think.stew's Wordfuse, hubby and I have lately taken to creating words and randomly texting them to each other throughout the day. Here are a few recent faves:
  • Yo!diferous - (adjective) having a natural aroma that evokes a verbal response.
  • scrumpdubracatious - (adjective) having the quality of deliciousness and sliminess in equal measure (i.e. pudding, not-so-secret-family favorite Angel Pie)
  • whackmonious - (adjective) characterized by being ridiculous, self-righteous and piously proud of it.
  • sneedweedler - (noun) cannot share this definition; for our ears only
Forget the SuperBowl, the Pinewood Derby is here! My boys have been diligently sawing, sanding, gluing, and shellacing in preparation for this Sunday's smackdown. They have set their sights yet again on the coveted awards of Most Creative Use of Materials

And Best Vehicle That Is Not A Car

I think they both have a really good chance.

Under community service - An open letter to the ladies (and perhaps men) of YMCA locker rooms all over the country: I'm not pointing my thoroughly anti-microbial scrubbed fingers, but some need to be reminded that it is bad manners, as well as falling squarely on the list of the worst community hygiene practices, to sit completely naked on a community bench with nothing between you and the bench. Whether before or after our shower, we should refrain from placing our private parts on community property. That's what those nice little towels they hand out at the counter are for. I haven't confirmed this with the CDC but I just feel it's right.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww! I think you know which part of your post this refers to!

  2. Oh scary naked butts on benches - I agree!! I agree!! i wish my husband would text. He has the phone and the verbal ability, but he refuses to do it. Your texting sounds like fun!

  3. very enjoyable read! Love the boys' cars. Both look like winners to me.
    and...I couldn't agree more about naked bench sitting!!

  4. I started to write "Ewwwww", then looked up at Joyce's comment, and decided not to be a copy cat. That is disgusting, though.
    CH and a coworker used to make up words and see if they could get other people to use them by the end of the day. Once they had someone in NY call and use it. He had some really funny stories out of it!


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