Wednesday, February 2, 2011

An Early Spring is Good News, No Matter How You Get Your Information

My kids are getting a much different elementary education than I did. How do I know? Here's a comparison of our Groundhog Day experiences:

My 2nd grade experience, February 2, 1974:

Complete a mimeographed handout about the groundhog.
The purplish ink on handout is still wet when given to students.

My son's 2nd grade experience, February 2, 2011: 

Watch actual Puxatawney Phil footage on YouTube via classroom computer.

My future grandchild's 2nd grade experience, February 2, 2048:

Converse with live Puxatawney Phil hologram beamed into the classroom and not have to rely on archaic technologies such as internet connections and YouTube.

But maybe by 2048, we won't be relying on a groundhog for seasonal information. Either way, all I really care about is that we do get an early spring. Bring it on.


  1. Wow...the teachers in the boys' school can get youtube on their computers. The state has blocked it on ours. :(

  2. I love your fortune (or should I say future) telling stories!


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