Monday, January 3, 2011

Another Drawback to Bunkbeds

It started this morning at 2:45 a.m. I heard screams, in unison, from the boys' room. Before my eyes were even open, I was running down the hall toward their room. My husband was right behind me. We arrived in the room to find the younger boy covered in last night's dinner. Only it wasn't his last night's dinner; it was his brother's dinner. Yes. My older son had gotten sick and thrown up on his younger brother.

They sleep in bunkbeds, older on the top. To save his own sheets, the sick one leaned over the side of the upper bunk as he got sick. What was unfortunate about that (aside from the obvious) is that the bunkbed is the kind with a twin on the top and a full on the bottom.

Little brother likes to sleep right on the very outside edge of his full size lower bunk. So as big brother emptied his tummy, little brother got a face full of the stuff. You can see the angle of trajectory from this vantage point.

So while the sick one came away clean, the well one (at least he was at 2:45 this morning) needed a shower and a new set of sheets.

On the positive side of things, I learned how to clean a Pillow Pet today. You know, It's a Pillow. It's a Pet. It's covered in last night's carrots and broccoli.

And this event kick-started my January plans to deep clean the house. I think I'll start with the boys' room. Right after I am done with the laundry.

And the only reason I can take the time right now to post about this memorable moment in my seven year-old's life, is this:

They both sleep. And yes, little brother is sick now too. Apparently, the incubation period of this stomach bug is accelerated when you receive the germs right in the kisser.


  1. Oh no! Hope everyone feels better soon and it does not take the parents out in the meantime!

    Got the thank you cards today...that p.s. on son 2's card was too cute!

  2. Ugh! Poor guy(s)!

    Though in retrospect, it's kind of funny...

  3. Love the matching couches,matching blankets, and matching vomit buckets!!!!! No wonder they matched on the vomit bug!


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