Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thank You TV Execs for Screwing Up My Internal Clock

All day long I have thought, felt and believed that it was Friday. As you well know, today is Thursday. The weekend has not begun. That happens tomorrow. But I am discombobulated and I have TV network executives to blame. For the past 10 years, I have faithfully watched Survivor every week on Thursday with the exception of the season finale shows which typically air on Sunday nights. I can't say I've seen every episode, but there were very few Thursday nights I missed.

Survivor just began its 21st season. Let's do some math: not considering the new season that has just begun, 10 years with 2 seasons per year with an average of 14 episodes per season comes out to roughly about 280 episodes of Survivor.

That's 280 Thursday nights where I have prepared myself for the start of the weekend, knowing that the next day was Friday. Unfortunately, the TV execs decided to switch this new season of Survivor to Wednesdays. I can only imagine their reasoning. But one thing I know they did not consider was the effect this change would have on all us devout viewers who while not only thoroughly enjoy watching the greatest reality show (and the only one that we really need, I must add) but we used the show as a spring board for our weekend festivities. For the past 20 seasons, my weekends have begun on Thursdays if only in my mind. Now I must reset and postpone my weekend attitude each week for one more day.

I can adapt. But I must say I am a bit concerned about my reaction to the new schedule of my other favorite show which is set to premier on Wednesday, October 27, 2010....Friday Night Lights...on Wednesday. Now who's brilliant idea was that?


  1. Ha! On Wednesday, I asked my husband if Survivor didn't come on Thursdays, and wondered out loud why they switched it this week! And I've been watching it this season!
    Having Big Bang Theory on Thursdays instead of Mondays is messing me up.

  2. Oh, it's a pain, isn't it? I hate that too.

  3. Like, I once was discombobulated by fickle TV execs - then I stopped watching the shows that they used to disrupt my life and my schedule. You know the kind of show I'm talking about - the addictive ones that everyone loves and talks about. It started with Dallas and the invention of the season ending cliff-hanger. I hardly lived the days of summer waiting for the season opener. What a slave I became to their whims. Then one day - before Survivor - before The Great Race - I stopped watching and I stopped caring.

    I would rather be "odd man out" in the conversation than to be humiliated by their manipulation of my calendar. If the shows are "that good", I'll wait for the re-runs because surely there will be reruns. Or maybe DVDs?

    Great Post. Loved it! Wish my first comment had not been wiped out - but it was worth it to come back and write a new one!

    I hopped in from Saturday Sampling. I've enjoyed your sample! Mine is Strawberries, Chocolate and a Captive Audience. See you there!

  4. I am not a Survivor lover but your post was very true. I guess they think Survivor will survive on any night they run it! The Friday Night Lights change to Wednesdays is ridiculous.

  5. I love this post; very funny :) You have my sympathies!!


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