Friday, October 1, 2010

Perfection in the Patch

Happy October!

This beauty is growing in my teensy tiny backyard garden. It's the only thing that really grew well this year. The strawberries only amounted to a handful. The tomatoes were sad and few. The cucumbers were dry and shriveled. I don't know how the watermelon would have been. Some thing ate them all before they were any bigger than tennis balls.

But the pumpkin! Look again at The Pumpkin! If we stretched the vine out straight, it would go on for feet and feet, travelling at least to the end of the drive. You would think a vine of such length would be very prolific in its crop. But strangely, we only have The Pumpkin.

He's far bigger than a basketball, perfectly round, consistent in color and unblemished. A real choice pick. Folks have come to blows in pumpkin patches all over the U.S. over pumpkins of this quality. Lucky for us, he's in our yard and not some other pumpkin patch. And if we time it just right, in a few weeks The Perfect Pumpkin will be The Perfect Jack-O-Lantern....


  1. What a nice looking pumpkin!

    Every single year I try and grow pumpkins, but I have never even had anything further than a marble sized pumpkin that never grows any bigger.

    ...I refuse to give up, though.

  2. So, how big is it? It looks pretty big.

  3. Very Charlie Brownish I think : ) Congratulations!


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