Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Schooled - Fair Edition

All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.
- from Animal Farm by Geoge Orwell

I'm not a farm girl. And I'm not a carny. So I have a lot to learn each time I visit a fair. This is what I got out of our recent trip to our local fair.

Underneath all that mud, muck and slop, pigs really are pink.

These little guys are only a few hours old so they haven't really had time to dirty up their pink flesh too much. Give them a few more hours and they won't be pretty in pink ever again.

Just like the popular thought, sheep really are followers. They have a secret society.

This is their leader.

The society is anti-goat.

This guy told me so. Although I'm not sure you should trust someone with rectangular pupils.

Speaking of trust, I learned how much my youngest son trusts his big brother.

Helios agreed to ride the "big" rollercoaster for the first time if Leonardo rode with him.

Neither one looks to be enjoying the ride. And it only went downhill for Helios.

But Leonardo stepped up as protector. See his right arm around Helios? Good boy.

And speaking of good boys, I have one of my own. And I learned, all over again at the Fair, something about him that I've always known...

You can take the boy out of Tennessee, but you can't take Tennessee out of the boy!

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  1. Such a good big brother.

    Greetings from SIMC.

  2. You couldn't pay me to go on one of those rides!!!

  3. Look at those pink piggies! There really is something adorable about them, and then they get filthy lol

    Rectangular pupils? That's odd - very odd. I didn't know that.

    Your son's protective of his brother - what a treat :)

    Kristin - The Goat
    via SIMC

  4. Wonderful brotherly love :). Happy Sunday

  5. Oh man Im so loving those piggies..look at those cute little buttes : )

  6. Fairs are a summer favorite of mine. I love them! The pigs are too cute-- until they get big, then they're just, um, big and muddy :-)

    Thanks for sharing. Happy SIMC, jj

  7. I had no idea goats had rectangular pupils ... great photos.

  8. Oh those sweet boys... I was a lot like "Helios" when it came to roller coasters of any kind when I was younger.

  9. this brought great big smiles to my face.

  10. The pictures of the boys on the roller coaster are so touching.

  11. Oh wow - what a great brother he is... out Fair starts tonight so I hope to have some great pictures too.


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