Monday, July 26, 2010

Camping 2010

I sit here doing two, no three, of my favorite things: blogging, camping and drinking coffee (that was the afterthought). Thanks to the Bathhouse wireless network connection, I come to you from the great outdoors. Thankfully, I am not in the Bathhouse (wouldn't be wireless then, would it?) but from the serenity of site A3. Here's what I see.

I have another reason to be happy to not be in the Bathhouse. Yesterday as we were making a visit to said Bathhouse on our way to the very awesome, so deserted it was like our very own private pool, I noticed this.

This is a snake skin. This is the eave of the Bathhouse. The snake which shed the skin was no where to be found. But the alarming part of this tale is where the other end (the head end) of this snake skin is. It is inside the women's shower room. Take that in for a moment. Yes, so if the head end of the snake skin is in the women's shower room then at some point the entire, newly molted snake was also in the women's shower room. And as far as I'm concerned, it may very well still be in there, lying in wait, for the precise moment when I have sudsed up before he strikes. So I sent hubby in on a reconnaissance mision before my shower last night. I got the All Clear but that may well have been the quickest shower in history.

Did I mention that this campground has some sort of joint venture or sponsorship with NASCAR?

What that amounts to is that all NASCAR events are televised in this huge rec room. They supply refreshments, BBQ and the like during the races. Everybody in the campground is welcome. Vrooom. Vrooom.  Apparently, there was a smallish race this weekend. We are not NASCAR people, not that there's anything wrong with that. But let's just say, I don't think we'll schedule our next camping weekend here during the Daytona or the Indianapolis 500s.

We don't rough it completely when we camp as you may recall from our major purchase last year. But this is the first trip we have taken and stayed connected. I know it sounds silly: why go camping and take your computer? Yeah, I thought the same thing. But I actually have a good reason. I'm working (a teensy bit). I have a writing assignment for a regional magazine. My deadline is this Friday. So I have to be available and connected. Ironically, the topic for the article is tips for working moms - how to survived mothering and working together. One clear tip is to use technology to your advantage. I'm doing that right now. And technically, this ain't really "working".


  1. You're hilarious! I would've wondered about the snake, too!

  2. I wondered about you taking your computer camping! You read my thoughts before I even read this.

  3. Yikes....snakes!!!! Creepy!!!


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