Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Just Isn't Long Enough

Life is interfering with my blogging. I've been so busy lately that I haven't been able to blog often enough for my taste. It's the summer schedule that's keeping me from it. I know once school starts back, I'll have more than enough time to blog. Only problem is that then I likely won't have as much interesting blog fodder with which to work. The boys provide me with much of my material. And my fun.

Like for instance, who's going to do "The Little People" for me come September?

I suspect none of my friends will be up for that.

And I don't know who will make Produce People for me in the fall.

I guess I could make them by myself. That will be fun...maybe.

But on the bright side I'm sure by the time school rolls around, I'll be really sick of watermelon.

But I doubt I'll be sick of this face.

Or this one.

By September, I won't miss slathering on the sunscreen everyday.

But I'll really miss this.

I think the boys are preparing me for my alone time this fall.

I keep seeing more of their backs.

And the distances they keep are getting farther.

At least for one of them, anyway.

I wish there was a Groundhog's Day in late August. Could we please have six more weeks of summer? That sounds much better than that rigged deal they try to sneak by us in February. I think I'll get to work lobbying for that holiday right away. Anyone with me?

I've got the poster boys ready.


  1. What fun in those pictures ... those vegetable bugs are very creative!

  2. Wow the mountains are so pretty.

    I never get sick of watermelon : )

  3. Those "little people" pictures are hilarious! Reminds me of when we used to pull our PE "uniforms" down and walk around! (Didn't y'all have to wear those ugly 1 piece uniforms for pe?)

  4. I love the "Little People" pictures! My boys would be Sumo Wrestlers and stuff pillows in their shirts! Gotta love 'em! They are our world.

  5. Stopping by from Saturday Sampling.
    Your Little People look very handsome! :)
    Great post!
    Greetings from Casablanca, Morocco!

  6. I think it rocks! I love the way you intertwined your words with those fabulous photos. Truly a delight. I'm so glad you linked up to Samplings today.

  7. I wish summer were longer too, but am ready for some lower temperatures--like 80s or 70s. This hot streak of 90 and higher drains my energy and ambition.

    Stopping by from Saturday Samplings.

  8. I just love the vegetable creations!! Too cute!! Loved this post--I'm just now finding out what summer vacation is truly like-we homeschooled until this past year!! You have a beautiful family!!

  9. What a delightful post; really sweet. I smiled all the way through it. (and sign me up for that campaign!!)

    Thanks for linking up!


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