Thursday, March 11, 2010

How We Would Celebrate Today

Happy Birthday Mom! I really wish we could spend this day together. If I were there or you were here, maybe it would be something like this...

We would start with coffee somewhere and sit and chat. Then we would hit a few antique shops and browse away the morning. You would buy a cup and saucer for your collection. And I would buy a bud vase for my bathroom. After, we would stop by a really good book store and see what's new. By noon, we'd be famished so we'd lunch on a sunny patio. A really fresh salad, something else warm and filling chased with really good sweet tea. With our energy replenished, we'd go to a nursery and buy flats and flats of pansies and snapdragons and maybe even a new bird feeder. Then we'd go home and plant and talk. We'd discuss the progress of the fall bulbs and when we thought the hostas would start peaking out of the ground. We'd clear away the old mulch and lightly toss the beds. And we'd talk. We would notice the vinca vine taking over the columbine so we'd cut it back a bit. And we'd laugh. And you would teach something I didn't know about irises and I would tell you what's going on with my photography work. After the planting was done and our hands were clean, we have iced tea on porch. And we'd talk until the sun and the moon changed shifts. And later while we slept, the memory of a wonderful day would be cemented in our minds.

Have a wonderful day Mom! I love you!


  1. Oh what a perfect day--but then anyday is perfect when I can be with or even just hear your sweet voice. You are so precious to me and I thank God every day for allowing me to be your Mother. As one of my favorite songs says"You are the wind beneath my wings" I love you more than words can say.You and your brothers have given me joy and love beyond belief--and then to chose such special people to be my "extra daughters and son" I am a very lucky woman
    Love, Mom

  2. That is so sweet! Isn't it great to have such a close relationship with our mothers?

  3. Happy Birthday Mrs. Daley!

    -Marilyn Livesay

  4. Such a nice heart felt post. Happy Birthday to your Mom!!

  5. Very sweet. How lovely to have such a wonderful relationship!


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