Monday, March 15, 2010

How To Get Your Kids To Eat Green Veggies

The dilemma of our to get your kids to eat green veggies. Well, I have the trick. I've never posted a recipe before but this one is a tried and true in our house. I made up the recipe when Son #1 was a wee babe when it was near impossible to get anything green down his throat. It is so good. Everyone in the house loves it. So we named it Favorite Pasta.

1 lb. pasta (farfelle, campanelle or penne)
5 oz. fresh spinach
5 oz. fresh kale, stemmed
olive oil
dried Italian seasoning
garlic powder
grated Parmesan

Prepare pasta al dente. Meanwhile, clean, rinse and pat greens with a paper towel. Then place greens into food processor and process until unrecognizable. Seriously, I run the processor until the greens are shredded into the tiniest pieces. They should go from looking like this

To looking like this

as they are sauteed in olive oil (about 2 TBS.) until soft.

Once pasta is ready and drained, and greens are sauteed, return pasta to pot and add greens.  Stir in olive oil (really to taste and desired consistency, but probably about 1/3 cup), Italian seasoning, garlic and parmesan cheese.  All of these items are added to taste. As I said, I made this recipe up. Precision is not my strong suit.

When you are done,it should look like this.

You can jazz the recipe up with some chicken if you like.

I have made this recipe for what seems like once a week for about 10 years. We all still like it. It still lives up to its name. And we get a green veggie. And no one other than me really has to know.


  1. Looks good! Fortunately, our boys have no problem eating veggies...they're much better about it than husband & I are! I like raw veggies, but don't care for them cooked!

  2. I actually made this today, and my 2 year old who loves pesto but won't eat green vegetables ate it with gusto. Thank you!


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