Monday, November 23, 2009

T-shirts Now Available...Supplies are Limited

A thought came to me as I read a friend's blog about her desire for perfection and her ensuing frustration when it doesn't arrive.  I've been there.  Haven't you?  Driving myself crazy expecting, demanding even, things to work out to my precise specifications only to come away perturbed by my less than ideal outcome.  Why do we do this?  Time and again?  My husband points out (repeatedly, I am sad to say) that if I would, could just let things happen as they do and not force my expectant frame around them, I'd be alot happier.  I think this expectation of doing everything and doing it the best comes with the "mom territory". Most moms I know, at some point, deride themselves for not doing enough, not doing things well enough, not being ten places at one time, not juggling every ball thrown their way, (insert your favorite personal lament).

That is not to say that you shouldn't have expectations, intentions of doing your best...just don't hang on to them after the fact and ruminate on the gap.  Let go. Learn to accept the good (read: what I expect) with the bad (read: what I didn't expect).  Cut yourself some slack for not getting everything exactly right every time.

So my first step toward this end is the adoption of my new slogan:

 I like it.  Takes some pressure off straight away.  Feel free to adopt it as your own. Oh, and what size t-shirt do you wear?


  1. Size small...medium if they are flawed and fit too small :) please and thank you!

  2. I love the slogan and I am the poster child!

  3. This is great news...If flawed is the new perfect then I'm already there : )

    See you soon...we're excited!


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