Friday, April 24, 2015

Jump in! The Water's Crazy!

I haven't posted in so long that I am not even sure that I can do this again. But since my blog has been calling to me from the very back quiet corners of my mind for months and months now, I feel compelled to give it a shot. This feels like jumping in the pool on opening day. I know the water is absurdly cold but it's not going to warm up enough not matter how long I wait or how slowly I let myself acclimate to the water, inch by inch. I just have to jump in and go under all the way.

What better way to jump in than with some Friday Fragments?

This morning, I drove my youngest back and forth from the orthodontist for his pre-braces assessment complete with all the flattering pictures and gooey bite molds. Our orthodontist is thirty minutes from home. While the reason or length of the errand was not ideal, we made it fun by listening to the music of his choice. For one hour (to and fro), we listened to Weird Al Yankovic. Don't judge. I loved it as much as Helios did.  Weird Al is clever and oh so funny and he combines two of my favorite things: music and a quick wit.  And he parodies pop culture and how seriously it takes itself. Helios and I sang and laughed all the way.  I can't say which is my favorite Weird Al song; there are so many that rank.  But if you force me to choose right this very second, I would say "Word Crimes"

I am certain I commit several word crimes here and there but I plead innocent by reason of perimenopausal insanity. I forgot what I used to know.

It may be crazy to let someone who just admitted insanity have a loaded gun, but that's what happened on our last trip to Tennessee. They gave me a weapon. Not to worry. My target was only a large lasagna pan nailed to a tree and the ammo were pellets. Or should that be was pellets? 5150...Potential word crime in progress.

I see nothing wrong with a little target practice and if my boys had not been shooting real pellet guns at unsuspecting bakeware, they would have tried to sneak off to shoot digital weapons at more animated targets on their hand held screens of choice. I'd rather them have a real life experience and share some quality time with their uncle.

Plus the grandparents enjoyed a sunny day on the mountaintop with family, watching the friendly competition. And no animals or baked pasta entrees were harmed in this competition.

On another note, I recently helped out my neighbors by caring for their chickens. I fed the girls and collected eggs for several days. While I have never been a farm girl, I really enjoyed doing this. My inner Half-Pint was fed along with the chickens. One day I stopped by to collect eggs and unexpectedly opened the coop to find Rebecca on the nest. She was as surprised as I was. I quickly closed the door to give her privacy since I assume laying an egg requires privacy and concentration. It definitely would for me. I then sneaked (or is it snuck?) around to the viewing window...and saw this:

Rebecca had laid an egg in the very brief moment between my interruption and my voyeurism! I just missed catching her in the act by mere seconds.  My apologies for the poor photo quality but this is the best I could get through the henpecked plexiglass peeping window. My neighbors have yet to catch their feathered girls actually laying. I was at the right place at the right time...if this sort of thing excites you. Winner winner chicken dinner!

I should get out now before I end up just splashing around, making a fool of myself. But as I come up for air, I realize that the water may not have been as cold as I expected. And I can jump in again soon.


  1. Love the egg-laying story; that's awesome! I can see the egg in your pic. :D I wish so badly that we could have chickens, but alas.

    I'm not a gun person, but I can support what y'all did with the bakeware (haha!) target practice. I might even have let my kiddos do it, too. ;)

    Happy Firday!

  2. Yay!! So glad you blogged. I've been MIA as well lately. Love reading about your adventures in the crazy mountains of east tennessee..... Miss you!!

  3. Welcome back :) Your photos are awesome; love that sunshine and family fun. Thanks for linking up; you can swim in my pool any time :) Have a great week.

  4. So glad you are back and I think the water is fine for you. Love the pictures too. I love Weird Al too.


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