Sunday, September 28, 2014

Anna's Wind

Anna's birthday is today. Twenty years ago she arrived and set a wind in motion. Her wind stirred things up, setting a climate of laughter and tears that we are weathering even today. Especially today. Definitely every day.

In honor of this day, I am reposting my post from her 18th birthday. The forecast where She Is From...100% chance of love, sunshine, and a southerly breeze blowing through your hair.

I am not sad today but instead raise my face to the sun and feel blessed to have this and so much more of Anna's energetic wind filling my heart and soul. Especially today. Definitely every day.

She Is From...

She is from belly laughs and banister kisses.
From Georgia pine straw clutched in baby fat hands.
She is from big brown eyes that see family first.

She is from the far-flung worlds of Coral Springs, Marietta, Naperville, Roswell, Stamford, Moscow, Bristol, St. Charles, Heaven.
She is from countless Hard Rock t-shirts, each one a visit to a new city with a passport stamp to match.

She is from Crazy Frog and back seat giggle sessions.
She is from a little snack o' brownie and creeper face.
She is from iPhotos captured with her outstretched arm.
She is from lean in and smile!

She is from Sticky Lizard and Sticky Chicken, tucked secretly in a suitcase for a sneaky surprise when you get back home.
She is from joint letters to Santa on Christmas Eve and
shared surprises Christmas morning.

She is from River Rat and yellow tubes rule!
She is from The Back Porch, Kenny Chesney and Rascal Flatts.

She is from Evergreen.
From the hot tub, the upstairs bedroom and Playstation battles.
She is from rides through the Cove, picnics, deer counts and bear sightings.
She is my partner in Forced Family Fun.

She is from every trip to Townsend, every curve in the road, every peak of the hills, every misty wisp on the mountains.
She is tethered to me, running in the rain, saving me from the big storm.

She is from hugs that are real
and hopes that are pure
and love for me that never ends.
She is my Anna.


  1. Beautiful post to reread! Thinking of you and glad your back on the blog!


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