Friday, March 1, 2013


All desires to the contrary, I was ordinary. The makings of extraordinary were there: redheaded to start, big green eyes, surprisingly petite, only daughter in a house of boys, parents telling me how special I am. But even with such unique parts, ordinary I was. Ordinary showed up in my grades, my absence among the cheerleaders, my clarinet playing, my public school education. It was exactly what was needed. And no more.

Inside I railed. I was supposed to be extraordinary. I could have been Annie for Heaven's sake! It was only a bus ride to the city and they would see me and KNOW. That girl's extraordinary.

But Broadway never knew what the partners in the firm came to know.

Ordinary is what I am thankful to be. Hot coffee in my Niagara Falls mug, sitting next to my husband before the kids and sun come up. Thinking about the grocery list and heart worm meds. Planning our next mountain trip, hoping spring will come soon. Marveling as the daffodil shoots defy the season and stretch up to the persistent grey skies. They know the sun will come out...

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  1. sounds like "ordinary" is pretty great!

    popping by for 5mf!

  2. Wonderful...oh how much we settle for ordinary.

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  4. Loved this post. Think we can all relate... I've been railing against ordinary myself these days. (we all think you're extraordinary though)


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