Thursday, March 14, 2013

Chaos Before

The recent weather has not been the type to make you think of gardening. Despite the weather, a new friend of mine has gardening on her mind. Kelly owns a bit of untapped heaven, a modest tract of land that she calls "potential urban farm bliss." She is ready to get her hands dirty and dig into her land's possibilities.

Chaosington Farm is the formal name of the property. As it is now in its untilled and somewhat natural state, the land is beautiful - a rolling landscape dotted with various trees, bordered on the back by a meandering stream and protected on the far ends by sturdy evergreens. Plenty of room to run or stroll if you prefer.

But the owners of Chaosington Farm have different dreams for the land. This land isn't made for just walking. They see orchard trees hanging heavy with fruit for picking on the way to dipping your toes in the stream. They see rows of farmstand vegetables, ready for harvest. They see bushes mounded with berries to be picked by the handfuls from your lazy spot in the pool. They see towering, fragrant herb spirals, spilling over with secret ingredients of gourmet dinners and craft herbal teas.

After walking the property and listening to the descriptions of what will be, I could see these things too.

Dreams will become real in short order. Plans have been drawn, landscapers have been booked, earth moving equipment has been rented. And the Chaos Before will soon transform into actual urban farm bliss.

I'll be watching the process and taking Chaos After pictures too. And anticipating some of those farmstand veggies!

For more information on Chaosington Farm, visit the Kelly at Way Past Fabulous. where you will also find great tips on living thrifty, homeschooling, crafts and more.

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