Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Fragmentorum

I have a few choice fragments to share this Friday. Not promising they will be interesting or useful, but they definitely are fragmented...

  • I learned a new term this week. You probably did too since I heard this term covered on NPR and on more than a few TV news shows.  These shows informed me that I have apparently been indulging (or overindulging by definition) in binge watching.  Binge watching is when you watch several episodes of a TV show consecutively in a marathon fashion.  Binge watching was easy to do when they started selling full seasons of shows on DVD.  Now it's even easier with the ability to buy full seasons from iTunes and the like and to directly stream show after show through the web.  I binge watched seasons 1 & 2 Downton Abbey before Christmas so I would be ready for the Season 3 premier in January.  That was important.  I have recently binge watched several House of Cards from NetFlix.  Now that I have the bingeing habit, I need to know how to purge. That's what usually follows a binge, right?
  • My oldest son's middle school registration for next year's classes is underway.  He will be in 8th grade and has selected Latin as his language of choice.  I think it's a good choice for him. Knowledge of Latin increases students' English vocabulary through the study of English word derivatives from the Latin, so says the course catalog.  I'm just hoping for an expansion of my son's Middle School vocabulary; we can tackle the rest of the English language later.  Until then, I thought we might get a jump on Latin so I translated a few of his most frequent phrases:
Etiam quisquis means "Yeah, whatever."

Ego obliti means "I forgot."

Ego odi domum opus means "I hate homework."

All to which I respond, Multum te amo arguo meaning "I love you too much to argue."
(one of my favorite go-to phrases from Love and Logic)

  • I must be going through my second adolescence. I secretly borrowed my son's on-the-spot acne cream this morning and I find myself reading a teen best seller, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.  Etiam quisquis.
Felix fragmentorum ad omnes!  Plus est (there is more) at Mrs. 4444's


  1. I LOVE 'LOVE AND LOGIC'!!! Several of my friends in our MD church read the book together and did a seminar. They sent me away with the book as a gift. It was wonderful! I have been meaning to review the book. Would you be interested in guest posting the review on my blog??

    We do the classic educational model and Latin is wonderful for English structuring. I had to laugh at your translating common phrases that you are sure to encounter, very cool :-)

    I would binge watch Downton Abby if I had more time. I am only 3 episodes in :-( So behind the times.

  2. Oh, and I have been breaking out too lately. I wanted to blame it on the well water up here, but I am afraid hubby may be right about age and hormones. Blah, blah, blah, what did you say babe? I couldn't hear you over my loud, hair band music! ;-)

  3. That post just made me smile. My husband and I are serial binge watchers. Its just a time thing with us. We usually only binge on the shows we watch together.
    Hmmm..the purging, I am not ready for that yet.
    Love the translations:)
    Have a fabulous weekend..

  4. I'm a LOVE AND LOGIC fan too, but somehow had forgotten the gem that is "I love you too much to argue." Definitely going to put that on repeat for my kids now! My favorite is the filling back up my energy tank by doing chores if they wear me out by arguing with each other too much!

  5. The Latin whatever sounds less surly than the American teen version. I think Latin is a great choice... I'm going to learn some phrases now so I can have some fun next time I see him : )


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