Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pick a Holiday, any Holiday

This time of year all the retailers decide to move right on through the actual holiday that is next on the calendar and bombard us with items pertaining to the holiday that is second in line as far as dates go. They force us into the Christmas season before we can even give thanks for the blessings we already have, yet alone purchase the blessings that we will be gettin' for Christmas.

I am fighting against the early start of the Christmas season today. And I am doing it with an equal and opposite force. If they want us to go forward in time, my blog today forces us to go another holiday. If you don't want to go forward past Thanksgiving just yet, settle in here for a moment and slide back in time with me to Halloween. This is all just a lame excuse to set up my Halloween photos that I have only now downloaded. 

Halloween 2012 was the first time either of my kids wanted to dress "scary". By scary, I mean this:

This is Helios as Michael Myers the Halloween movie killer as Groucho Marx in the Hunger Games. This costume evolved over an afternoon rather than being a specific, well-thought out you probably might have guessed. I suspect this was the only Michael Marx Everdeen out trick-or-treating in 2012. Mark my words: I predict it will be one of the best-selling costumes for Halloween 2013 now that I've put it out on the web for the masses to see and embrace.

Halloween 2012 was also the first year that Leonardo didn't dress up. Middle school. Enough said.

Both boys wanted to carve pumpkins though so we got down to business. They let their personalities lead their carving styles. Leonardo chose an intricate design from a stencil book and set to work.

Michael chose a free-form design and stayed mostly in character.

He let me know with a mere look that he was not open to help or suggestions and I decided based on his reputation to let him do it his way.

Actually, his way turned out nicely even if his technique was a bit murderous.

All the while, Leonardo made slow but precise progress.

In fact, Leonardo took so long on his masterpiece I began to wonder if he was reproducing The Last Supper or possibly the Mona Lisa...

Michael Myers (no longer Marx) Everdeen just decided to play some computer game rather than wonder what his brother was doing.

They were both proud of their creations. Leonardo didn't recreate a famous work but chiseled out this scary face and completed it with a creepy color-changing LED light thus combining art and science, as he is known to do.

Michael Myers Everdeen thought his jack-o-lantern looked better in the Groucho glasses so they became part of his Halloween display, thus adding humor and the unexpected as we have come to expect from him. 

Our Halloween culminated in our ever-growing neighborhood chili dinner and group trick-or-treating.

A motlier crew you will not find elsewhere.

Hope you had a haunted Halloween!  And now you may move forward to whichever holiday suits you.


  1. I saw kids on Santa's lap at the mall last week. Huh? Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the whole year. We'll probably put our tree up the weekend after while the girls are home, just because that's our window of opportunity. Once Thanksgiving has passed I'm okay with it.

  2. Enjoy these days of dressing up and trick-or-treating!
    Football season is over for us, so I'll probably put the tree up next week. I'm with Joyce: Thanksgiving is my favorite stress of what to get people! :)
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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