Friday, November 9, 2012

My Amazing Race

I don't routinely watch The Amazing Race but have seen it a few times. From my limited knowledge of the show, here is my take:  each episode, the contestants are put through seemingly nonsensical, purposeless challenges only to be moved forward to another nonsensical, purposeless challenge.There are various snafus along the way to keep things interesting.

As I was driving around this morning following my list of errands, it occurred to me that I am living my own version of The Amazing Race...minus the all-expenses paid travel to exotic places and travel companion. Here is My Amazing Race challenge for the morning which I had to complete in a very specific order otherwise I would fail this challenge:
  • Text two other moms to confirm afternoon tranport for my kids (thanks ladies!)
  • Email various school personnel to give permission for altered afternoon transport
  • Travel by van to dry cleaners for drop-off and pick-up
  • Notice that all my buttons are literally hanging by threads on the coat I am wearing; leave said coat at dry cleaners (snafu #1)
  • Travel back home to get another coat
  • Realize while at home that list of errands is sitting on kitchen table. Be glad I came home for another coat (snafu #2)
  • Travel to the Golden Mile to service station to check warning light that keeps coming on.
  • Service station is next to ToyRUs, conveniently, thankfully since new Nerf Darts are needed for weekend lock-in (bonus point!)
  • Rendevous back at home with Egg Lady for black market, organic egg delivery
  • Travel again by van to pick up root beer & Cool Ranch Doritos (for the lock-in, of course)
  • Return home again to clean the bathroom, finishing with a shower
Ok I know this isn't as thrilling as the actual Amazing Race. But this is the life of a mom of tweens and my daily list looks about this random every day. I am happy to say I won this particular challenge and can move forward to the next seemingly nonsensical, purposeless challenge tomorrow.  And I happy to be able to do this crazy, random stuff for my kids and family. There is sense and purpose to it all, I just know it.

I am especially thankful to be able to play along in My Amazing Race when there are things going on like the continued struggles of those in the Northeast following Sandy and the winter storm earlier this week. I also don't know how long My (and our country's) Amazing Race will continue when I watch the news and listen to all the concern about the fiscal cliff that we are approaching. OMG!

One last random thought...on a local level, this weekend the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts in our area will be picking up non-perisable food items for the annual Scouting For Food drive to support nine Frederick County food banks. The Scouts in this area supply 75% of the food donations to these local food banks. Please remember to put your food donations out on your front porch Saturday morning before 9:00 a.m. for the Amazing Scouts to collect. The collection efforts are an Amazing Race in and of themselves!

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  1. Your comparison of your life and the Amazing Race was a perfect interpretation of a Mom's world. I have teenage boys and there are days I swear all I do is drive.
    Food Drives are a worthy cause for those in need.

  2. Oooh, a lock-in! Loved them as a kid-hated them as a chaperone : ) Have a nice weekend!

  3. Your Amazing Race reminds me of when I was ferrying my two around to all manner of activities.
    I know of the TV show, but have never watched it.... might be those nonsensical challenges that I saw on the preview ads that turned me off.

  4. Never was part of a lock-in, are they fun? I love the Amazing Race, I think because I can ooh over the exotic places. Have a grand weekend!


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