Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Fragments - I'm Back

I think I am getting my blogging groove back a bit. I lost my vim for it during the past year. Blogging, or at least my blogging, seemed like such a nonsense thing to do while such serious life issues were occurring.
I told my sister-in-law, Anna's mom, that given what had happened, my blog didn't matter in comparison.  In her unbelievably grounded way, she quickly responded that given what happened, my blog mattered even more. Sure it's just a blog, but it is a part of me and what I do and how I express myself and how I share with my boys and family. Life must march on and to shut down a good albeit tiny part of it would be a further tragedy.

Anna really liked my blog. She asked me once during the past year why I had all but stopped blogging. I think she knew why. My blogger voice was lodged in the back of my throat, caught on a sob. I worried if I let a little bit out, I wouldn't be able to control the flood of emotion that would spring forth. I mealy-mouthed an answer for her about being busy and not feeling very creative. It was true that I wasn't feeling creative and I was really busy praying and worrying about her.
Friday Fragments may seem an odd place to state all this. But it's a place to throw myself out to the internet masses and say "I'm back!" or at least say "I am back for today."  For Anna.
So here's what going on in my own little fragmented world:

  • 10 days until my boys start back to school. It's an easy sound bite for stay-at-home moms to say they can't wait for that day. But I am not ready and would be fine if it didn't happen. They could stay home with me and be my little ignoramuses, as my Oma used to say. I have really enjoyed being with them this summer. The start of another school year is as monumental to me as a birthday. It symbolizes transition. This particular transition is very bittersweet. You can ask me how I feel after school has been in session for about two weeks. I will be enjoying it to the fullest. But I really will miss my kids.

  • My oldest son and I are helping one of his fellow Scouts on his Eagle project tomorrow. We will be removing an invasive species, Japanese Barberry, from the Catoctin moutains. This stuff is the kudzu of the northeast. This will be hard work given the heat and the sharp spines on barberry branches. But we are so happy to be helping this Scout move one step closer toward Eagle.

  • Both of my boys participated in sleepovers last night. Helios stayed over at a friend's house while Leonardo hosted one of his friends here. Just for the record, I am not a fan of sleepovers. There is very little sleep involved and the next day everyone pays for it in crankiness. I do remember my sleepover days with fondness though. I'll allow them as a right of passage. But not too often.

  • My husband did get me a little something to open for my birthday yesterday. Even though I picked out my own early birthday present gift, he surprised me with two pendants. He has a knack for selecting necklaces for me that I always love and that always garner notice and comments from others. Because of him, I have collected enough necklaces to wear a different every day for at least two weeks. Today I will be wearing my new gemmed sunflower pendant and the next day my new silver heart locket. I think this is my first locket in my life. How do you get tiny pictures in those things?

  • As a way of keeping my blogging groove going, I am considering taking on the personal blog challenge of posting on each of the 45 topics I set forth yesterday. I would expand on each of the statements I made in my list of "45 Things I Know Right Now". Historically, I have stunk (or is it stinked or stank) at blog challenges and other blogger games. But people can change. What do you think, should I go for it? Does anyone care to hear my deeper thoughts about the things on my list? Or is that a bad idea and I've said too much already?
Happy Friday!


  1. I like the blog challenge idea. If you don't complete the total 45, then you can say, I know right now I can't write 45 blog posts on this theme. Seriously, I like your writing style. First time here, via Mrs 4444.

  2. It's great to see you again. I'm so sorry for your family's great loss, and I'll be praying for your continued healing.

    Love the Eagle project--very worthwhile. Have fun.

    As for the challenge, I'd see it as an opportunity, instead; no need to put pressure on yourself. I like the idea of your elaborating on a those topics, but I don't think you need to obligate yourself. From your other post, I gather that Anna would like to see you blogging again.

  3. Give Anna a big hug for being so supportive of you, your blogging, and your voice. Happy birthday!

  4. Hey, it's "historically, I stink at . . ." I'd like you to elaborate, but I don't think you have to make a challenge. When you want to, do it. When you don't want to, don't do it.

  5. First time here and it's sad to learn of the passing of anyone especially a young person. I had a nephew die a few years ago now and the sadness was overwhelming. All the best to you and your extended family.
    I've learned that posting everyday is not for me. I have to think about my posts (hey no remarks about it not looking that way) for more than a day usually. Quality vs. quantity think IMHO. Challenges do put that goal out there and some people thrive with that motivation. I don't like schedules. The 45 topics is one thing the tight schedule another.

  6. I forgot to say Happy Birthday :)


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