Saturday, May 5, 2012

Deja Birthday

There are many reasons to celebrate today. It is Helios' birthday and he is nine years old today. He is my second born and I sit here a bit stunned realizing that nine years have passed since we first met. This is how he looked then.

This is how he looks these days.

He was a redhead at birth and has stayed that way.

Right now, you are probably having a moment of deja vu, feeling that you've already read a post that started out a bit like this, a post about some other sweet child-o-mine's birthday. Your senses do not lead you wrong; you did read such a post just four days ago. Yes, my boys' birthdays are four days apart which means their birthday parties are generally held within the same week. So the first week of May is Birthday Week in our house. Every year. No matter what. Good thing I love to plan parties.

Your astute sense of deja vu is going to get even stronger as this post rolls along. Just shake it off and keep reading.

Helios celebrated his birthday last night with his closest friends. For the past several years, Helios' party has followed a similar schedule: pizza, age-appropriate entertainment, cake, presents. This year's age-appropriate entertainment was a trip to Shadowland, a local laser tag emporium - a perfect destination for 8 nine year olds and their 2 twelve year old sidekicks.

You know my thoughts on laser tag (not liking it so much) so you might ask why did I agree to two laser tag parties in one week. Two easy answers: Monkey see, Monkey do was heavily at play when the boys were asked what type of party they would like. Or maybe it was Copy Cat. So they had the idea.

And I thought how easy would it be to plan two identical parties? It's a piece of cake...especially when the cakes to be served are also the same: Devil's Food with excessive sprinkles.

The cakes were not exactly the same. Helios' ended up with a few too many decorations. I couldn't decide on a theme.

No wait, I did have a theme.  It's called
"If Charlie Brown made a cake, he wishes it would look this good."
I think Cake Boss might be calling me soon for some pointers.

Meanwhile back at Shadowland, the group had a rowdy fun time and here's a picture to prove it.

You only have to ask once for this group to make crazy faces.

But this is my favorite face of the day.

Pure happiness!
This look tells me that Monkey Do was as happy with his Deja birthday as Monkey See was with his.

Happy Birthday my son! And many, many more!

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