Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hatching a Plan for Twenty-Twelve

A new year is a time for optimism. Looking forward. A fresh start. In the past, I have not been one to be resolute in setting or achieving resolutions. But this year, I feel a bit inspired... dozens of ways.

There are always dozens of items on my list of wants and wishes, shoulds and ought tos, need tos and betters. So what better time to tackle those than now when there are a dozen fresh months ahead?

Twelve months is easier to commit to than a year.

It's a mental game for me. Planning to achieve things when I have a whole year to get them done allows me not only a whole year to get them done but a whole year in which to procrastinate and put them off. If I mentally approach them in terms of months rather than a whole loooong year, my goals seems more achievable. I've created my own mental shell game.

So here is what's waiting to hatch in 2012 -

Maintain a healthy, balanced fitness regimen.
I have been on again off again (really mostly off) with exercise for over two years now, my mind being a big obstacle with my body holding a close second. This year I will get back on a maintenance plan.

Visit or be visited by each member of my family.
I didn't clear this with any of them, but I think they will be on board. 2011 was a challenging year for our family and many plans were laid aside to deal with immediate demands. Thus, what visits we did have were in the name of crises. For 2012, I look forward to spending time with each every one of my peeps at some time and reseal our familial bonds...and have a really good time. I already have plans to see one niece and a sister-in-law next week. Then there is spring break in Tennessee where two grandparents and another sister-in-law reside. And there are other visits in the works. So get my room ready! Or if you prefer, your room is ready here, family!

Break the chicken nugget habit.
Not mine, my kids'. Once upon a time I was a vegetarian who did raw food cleanses and eshewed convenience foods. If an item wasn't hard to acquire, cook or chew, it wasn't in my kitchen. Then I had children. I didn't completely fall into bad nutrition habits at the expense of my kids' health, but there are a few things that snuck onto our menu that would have been forbidden in my vegetarian days. 2012 will be end of days for those foods that bear no resemblance to their natural source or have names that end in "-os", or have an animated character as a spokesman.

Create a personal salsa recipe with my husband.
We love salsa! And we love to complain about bad salsa almost as much as we love to complain about bad iced tea! So this year, we'll create our own concoction and no longer have to subject ourselves to lesser salsas. If you are good, you might get your own jar for Christmas 2012.

Use my powers for good.
I haven't been using them necessarily for evil lately but I would like to find an outlet for my photographic powers that benefits someone or something else. I don't know what it will be, but in 2012 I'll be looking through the lens with a view for helping others.

Clear out the clutter.
I'm gonna blame this one on the kids too. We have accumulated so much stuff over the years and most of it belongs to them. We have about a dozens room in our house and about that many closets and storage areas. All of these are full. I bet there is a bag or dozen in those spaces that could be donated. My goal is to be as clutter free as my one sister-in-law who still has empty closet space after twenty-five years of marriage and countless home moves. She is the inspiration of a new reality show in the works called "Anti-hoarders".  Really.

Sh*# or get off the blog.
This is the start of my blog's fourth year. It has morphed over time and has always been an outlet for me. I haven't worked it like many bloggers do with blog hopping, weekly memes, and following countless other blogs. From that respect, I am a lame blogger. I put my stuff out here and in return read a small handful of other blogs. I like the personal nature of my blog and really don't want to commit any more time to my computer life. But I do want to add some regularity and structure to my blog. This will require some more thought. Or I'll just start keeping a journal instead.

My list is not filled with over-the-top achievements; just wholesome, hearty staple items.

Like a good fresh dozen.

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  1. First you must have a plan! Best wishes for a great 2012!


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