Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Traditionally Speaking

We just got back from our now traditional fall trip to Assateague Island State Park, Maryland. Can you consider something you've done twice and have every intention of doing again and again a tradition? If yes, then it's a tradition.

Traditionally, we go with another couple whose children are nearly exactly the same ages as our children. By "nearly exactly" I mean within days. My children are five days older than their children. I have two children; so how can my two children of different ages be five days older than two other children of different ages? Well, my boys are 3 years and four days apart in age. And the other couple's children are 3 years and four days apart in age. My oldest and their oldest were born five days apart. My youngest and their youngest were born five days apart. This may be a bit confusing and I probably didn't explain it very well. But I find it interesting that she and I had our babies within five days of each other...twice.

Meanwhile, back on Assateague...we were with our friends and were also joined by two other families. So it was fun for the kids and the parents to have lots of friends around at the beach. Maybe the tradition will catch on with these other families too.

In my two vast experiences at Assateague, I have learned that you pack for all eventualities.

You pack for sun.

You pack for sand.

You pack for surf.

You pack for hard manual labor.

You pack for cool nights by a roaring campfire.

You pack for rain (which translates into packing the Complete Gilligan's Island series on DVD).

You pack for cold blustery days.

You pack for hanging with your homies.

And on the last day, you pack up again knowing that, in keeping with tradition, you'll be back again next year.

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