Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mystery Solved

There is a mystery that I have been trying to solve for quite some time now. I have finally cracked the case. And in cracking this case, I think I have a pretty good grounds for a lawsuit.

Here's the backstory. I have an extensive t-shirt wardrobe. My line of work requires it. Some of my t-shirts are cheap and some are not so cheap. Some are very casual and some are actually nice and dress up a pair of jeans or khakis. I probably have at least a couple hundred dollars tied up in t-shirts.

Over time I have noticed a pattern of damage in many of my t-shirts. Tiny holes have been appearing in the shirts at about waist level on the front. I have a number of shirts with these mysterious little holes.

At first I attributed the holes to the quality of the t-shirt.

Then a few of my nicer shirts from Loft developed holes.

Then I thought it might be a problem with my washer or dryer.
But then I realized no one else in the house was having this type of problem with their t-shirts.

And then one day I looked down and saw this.

This is now what we call "The Dang Nub," because that's what I exclaimed when I realized what was happening...

The Dang Nub is that little button that keeps the metal clip of your seatbelt from slipping all the way down to the floor when you unbuckle.

But The Dang Nub is also the culprit in this clothing damage dilemma. When you are buckled up, The Dang Nub sits right in the spot where these tiny holes are forming.

The Dang Nub is ruining my t-shirt wardrobe. I feel certain that I am not the only one experiencing these damages. I have seen all the Toyota Siennas out of the road and I know how many people where shirts on a routine basis. So this looks like a prime situation for a class action lawsuit against a large minivan manufacturer. Anyone with me on this? What about you Honda Odyssey drivers? Does the Odyssey have a Dang Nub? If I had known about this where we were weighing our options between Honda and Toyota, the Dang Nub would have been a deal breaker.


  1. Dang that nub!!

    Glad you solved the mystery....now,.....r u gonna write Toyota??

  2. i'll check the honda tomorrow for that dang thing. my tshirts have the stain problem which i can no longer blame on young children. maybe i can find something like a damn nub to blame.

  3. I have a similar problem and thought it was my belt buckle. I'll have to look when I get into my car tomorrow and see if I have the Dang Nub -- I drive a Honda Fit (used to drive a Civic)...

  4. I'm just impressed you thought about the holes in your t-shirts when you got in the car. I would've forgotten about it.

  5. I loved this post...that dang nub! I, too, have both an extensive t-shirt wardrobe and lots of holes in my t-shirts. My volvo doesn't have the Dang nub...I have the dang belt buckle...they don't make t-shirts like they used to!

  6. I, too, am impressed by your detective work!

    And btw, I went to The Loft website and find that it look curiously a lot like New York & Co! (the site, and the clothes). Interesting...


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