Sunday, August 14, 2011

Our Beautiful Girl

I have been at a loss for words this week. Someone I dearly love has been set on a new, life-challenging path. My sixteen year old niece, Anna, was diagnosed this week with AML Leukemia. There are no words to describe what she, her parents and the rest of our family has been through this week. There are no words to adequately prepare Anna or the rest of us for what lies ahead.

When I have no words, I turn to my photos and let them do the talking for me. Usually the images start a conversation and then I can join. The conversation today is about a girl. She's not just any girl. She is our special girl.

She is a girl of profound thought and great strength.

She is a girl of deep Faith and her Light shines.

She is a darling daughter, the one a mom with only sons would hand pick as her own if she could.

She is a girl who values family.

She has been a great cousin to my boys from the start.

She loves all her cousins.

On both sides of her family.

She cares deeply for others and brings Love to every situation.

She is a fun girl.

She is a fantastic golfer, on the links...

...and the mini variety.

She is worldly and smart.

She has maturity beyond her years. We forget that she is only sixteen.

She is a typical teenager...

...with a pleasantly atypical teenaged personality.

Anna has determination, strength, passion, focus, belief, humor, all of which will carry her through this. All of which will set the example for our family to follow.

If you pray, however you pray, please add Anna, her parents, her family, her friends, her doctors and her nurses to your list.

We love you, Beautiful Girl!


  1. May the God of all provision be with her and those who love her and will be caring for her in anyway. Prayers will continue for your beautiful niece.

  2. Love all the beautiful pictures of our beautiful neice. Hugs from one aunt to another.

  3. Awesome Peach. Thank you. Love the pictures.

  4. Beautifully said and photographed...what a wonderful message of love going out to Anna! She, your family and all those caring for her are in our prayers!

  5. praying for y'all. we went through something similar with a beautiful niece when she was 11. she's now a beautiful 27 yr.old. wishing your family the same.

  6. You have been hit with a lot these past few months. My heart goes out to you and your family.

  7. Hugs and love, Court, to all of you.

  8. I've been thinking of, and praying for, your niece ... how is she doing?


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