Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Flashback - Don't Let This Summer End

Today is the first day of the last weekend before the last weekend before school starts. So I'm feeling a little bit blue. You probably think that I am jumping the gun a bit on my melancholy given that we have more than a week of summer before the school doors swing wide. But I'm not. This is that day that everyone should lament. This is the last real Friday when we have an expanse of free time ahead of us, even if it is only ten days. No worries about going to bed early this Sunday night. No planning for that early alarm on this Monday morning. Today still feels like a summer day when you can forget what day it actually is and you can fool yourself into thinking that summer can actually last forever.

We should lament this day because it is the beginning of the end. Summer can't last forever and sadly this summer ends this weekend. This weekend, we'll play like we have all summer. This weekend, we'll stay up late and sleep past eight. But when the end of this weekend arrives, all things will change. We won't be able to ignore what will then be only a week away.

In that week, while I'll be focused on dialing sleep schedules earlier on the clock, purchasing last minute school supplies, and figuring out what size jeans we all need this year, it won't be the end of summer that will be the cause of my melancholy. I can blame it on the end of summer, but that's just a piece of it. The truth is that I'll be sad because it's the end of this summer. The summer before my oldest goes to middle school. The summer when my youngest lost most of his true little boy traits. The summer when the boys' growing independence slapped me in the face. The summer my boys had to face some really hard life experiences for the first time and handled them with amazing grace. The summer that college and everything after seemed to loom too closely in the not so distant future. The summer that was a blur.

So to ease my pain, I am looking back today. Flashing back to July 2010 and my thoughts on the end of summers. I give you again, "Summer Just Isn't Long Enough":

Life is interfering with my blogging. I've been so busy lately that I haven't been able to blog often enough for my taste. It's the summer schedule that's keeping me from it. I know once school starts back, I'll have more than enough time to blog. Only problem is that then I likely won't have as much interesting blog fodder with which to work. The boys provide me with much of my material. And my fun.

Like for instance, who's going to do "The Little People" for me come September?

I suspect none of my friends will be up for that.

And I don't know who will make Produce People for me in the fall.

I guess I could make them by myself. That will be fun...maybe.

But on the bright side I'm sure by the time school rolls around, I'll be really sick of watermelon.

But I doubt I'll be sick of this face.

Or this one.

By September, I won't miss slathering on the sunscreen everyday.

But I'll really miss this.

I think the boys are preparing me for my alone time this fall.

I keep seeing more of their backs.

And the distances they keep are getting farther.

At least for one of them, anyway.

I wish there was a Groundhog's Day in late August. Could we please have six more weeks of summer? That sounds much better than that rigged deal they try to sneak by us in February. I think I'll get to work lobbying for that holiday right away. Anyone with me?

I've got the poster boys ready.

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  1. I loved that post from last year. The pictures still make me smile!


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