Thursday, June 2, 2011

You Might Be A Redneck Woman If...

To shamelessly borrow from a well-known comedian, you might be a redneck woman if you spent early Friday afternoon in the fishing department at Wal-Mart and followed that up with a stop at the liquor store to replenish your supply of Bud Light Lime. Or you might just be me getting ready for our weekend camping trip. I had to pick up bait for the boys. The BL was for the hubby and me.

We spent Memorial Day weekend camping in Southern Maryland at Cedarville State Park. We fished. We mountain biked. We ate well and a lot. We checked each other for ticks and found several. I even had the new experience of removing a leech from my son's arm. I was surprised to find that he knew what a leech was. When he said, "Mom, I've got a leech on my wrist," I didn't believe him. When was the last time you saw a leech? But he was right. And they don't come off that easily. And you bleed a bit when they do come off. Camping is not for the meek.

The highlight of the weekend, aside from the bloodletting, was a day trip to Purse State Park. It is really taking some license to call it a State Park because it is actually just a wide spot in the road surrounded by a nice forest. What you can't see from the wide spot is a majestic view of the Potomac river hidden 3/4 mile due east through the trees. The trail is not marked. You just have to trust that you will come to a good end by following the trail. And you do. This is what we saw upon exiting the forest.

The Potomac is about 3 miles wide at this location. At low tide there is a nice beach area where you can sit for a few hours and enjoy the view. Did you know rivers have tides? The Potomac does and the boys played in it for hours.

Even the big boy got in for a bit.

We were all hunting for some treasures unique to the area.

During low tide, you can sift or pan for shells

and shark teeth.

We found a few of each.
About 60 million years ago, this area was covered in shallow water populated by various sharks and rays.
Their teeth are still washing up on the beaches for little boys to collect. I find it hard to believe that those teeth are that old. But that's what the Maryland DNR website says.

After our day at Purse, the boys worked on their knot tying back at camp. This one is working on his Tenderfoot badge.

This one is working on being like his big brother.

They both have to know how to tie a taut line knot

and a two half-hitch, which to me just sounds like a whole hitch but I was a Girl Scout so what do I know?

I do know that when I was a Girl Scout I thought Boy Scouts did things that were much more fun than what the Girl Scouts did. I still think that.

Does that add to my potential redneck woman status?
I don't care if it does.
But it makes it easier to be a mom of two boys.


  1. Beautiful writing and the picture so nature, unique... I always enjoy looking at what you have to say next time....

  2. That is the truth for sure. I have three sons and two daughters----and the girls had some real tomboy tendencies. No point in being a girly girl at our house.

  3. Oh my, you would have to pay me to go camping. My thought is if I am going to go somewhere it must be nicer than my house!

    I am a mom to one boy. So far I have had to immerse myself in all types of superheroes but I am finding that I like it!

  4. Visiting from Mrs. 4444's... a leach! When is the last time I saw a leach? maybe never!

  5. In my opinion, the best posts are memorable, touching, funny, and educational. This was all that and more ... I very much enjoyed reading it : )

  6. That is so cool! I love finding cool rocks, shells and other stuff...sharks teeth would really be neat!

    Visiting from Friday Fragments (I think...I got a bit side-tracked for a while !)

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