Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Behind the Music

Bo Weevil (a.k.a. my husband) performed yesterday on a live webcast. Eleven O'Clock Rock, an internet video show based in Knoxville, Tennessee, graciously hosted Bo during their Tuesday spot this week.

This was a first for Bo Weevil, performing live streaming on the web. You can watch the whole hour show on (say Nox-Ivy). 

Look for the 4/19/2011 performance of Bo Weevil. Eleven O'Clock Rock show airs live on the web weekdays at 11:00 a.m. and they archive past shows for your future viewing pleasure. So you can watch Bo as many times as you want. And I know you will.

The boys and I tagged along and watched the production. I, of course, had my camera and got some cool, behind the scenes shots. The webcast hosts are Brent Thompson and Lauren Lazarus. They are funny, entertaining and have a nice banter. And look how cute they are.

As guests of the talent, we got to see the show as it was being made. Well, really anybody can see the show being made. The studio is located in the busy Market Square downtown district in Knoxville surrounded by a thriving lunch crowd. Anyone can walk in and peek inside the studio windows and see the magic unfold.

You won't see this on the actual show. But from my behind the scenes view, I caught the cameraman counting down the start of the show...5, 4, (then silently 3, 2, 1)...just like they do on TV!

The show format is music, local interest news, music, interview, music.

There is a monitor for onlookers to watch the show as it is recorded. On the monitor you can see the hosts bantering with the guest...

...and two views of  the interview.

And of course there was some more music.

Notice the "seasoned" couple standing by the studio window. They were dancing arm in arm to the music. I overheard the gentleman say to his lady, "We sure are lucky," and they continued their singular sway. Just proves that Bo Weevil music makes you feel good.

No matter how old you are. 

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  1. Loved the show and love the behind the scenes photos too! I really like the one with the "lucky" couple. Thanks for sharing...enjoy the rest of your vacation!


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