Monday, February 28, 2011

What a Difference a Day Makes

Not a full day, but about eight hours made a huge difference last Friday.

The morning drive out of the neighborhood was a foggy, eerie one.

The drive back to the neighborhood later that afternoon was just as eerie...

...but the morning haze was replaced by striking sunlight and foreboding clouds.

Even with the sun, it looked like it might spiscioucate a little rain.

You won't find a definition for spiscioucate (say "spish-u-cate") online or in any dictionary. I did my best with the spelling. It's a word my grandmother use to describe a rain-threathening sky, one that was dark and commodious.  I think it's a fitting description for this afternoon sky.


  1. I'm stuck on the first picture with the snow. I had no idea y'all still had snow. Great really captured the eeriness!

  2. I love that second photo-is that straight out of the camera? It's such an unusual color.

  3. The first & second images are straight out of the camera. I played a little with the third image. The sky was definitely a weird color that afternoon. We had snow on the ground in the morning but most of it had melted by the afternoon. Crazy weather!


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