Thursday, February 24, 2011

Peace Poem

We adults can learn so much from our children. Everyday they say and do things that, if we listen and do what they say, life could be so much better. Like this for instance. It is a poem my 2nd grader wrote. I found it posted on the wall outside his classroom today among 16 other poems of peace profoundly penned by seven and eight year olds. I snapped a shot of my son's with my phone.

I love it, the last two lines especially. It is hard to make peace sometimes. Just look at the Middle East. Just look at world history; pick an era. Just listen to talk radio and cable news. Just look at our own government. Just look at your own family. Now look at it all like a second grader and know that peace is possible. Somebody just has to recognize it.


  1. Bravo. We only have to slow down and enjoy it now and then.

  2. I like the way peace ripples. It does but only if people pay attention and don't seek to disrupt it.


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