Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Scholastic Chicken

It is Scholastic Book Fair time at our school. The kids always are so excited when the Book Fair comes to town. Most of their excitement is focused on the wacky pencils, silly erasers, and other non-book gadgets that are sold alongside the books. But hey, it gets them to the Fair and they do usually come away with a book or two as well as a cell phone shaped eraser or Ipod shaped pencil sharpener. Don't we all need one of those?

The students are not the only ones excited about the Book Fair. Believe it or not, Sticky Chicken begged to go to the Fair.

"Ba-ba-ba-ba-book!" he clucked. Or maybe he said, "Ba-ba-ba-ba-bock!" But I interpreted it as "book" so off the Book Fair we went.

I know what you are thinking...chickens can't read. Well if that is the case, what then would be the explanation for there being so many poultry-centered books? Just look at the selection of books geared to chickens:

A rollicking trip through the barnyard

Just right for the emerging reader

A heartwarming bedtime story

An "eggsilarating" manual on writing

Sticky Chicken was thrilled with so many books for the fowl set. He likes fiction but also has an appetite for facts and information. He's been asking questions lately about his beginnings so this next book gave us a perfect way to introduce the subject and have "the talk" with him.

During "the talk" it came out the Sticky is an evolutionist and wanted more information on that subject. So we went down his evolutionary path and he was a bit surprised to find he evolved from dinosaurs.

While Sticky clearly has an intellectual side, he is as normal as any kid. He's into typical kid things and he has his heroes.

Sticky said that this moment was almost as good as actually seeing Justin on TV.

And Sticky couldn't stop talking about kissing Taylor's book.

Just like all the other kids, Sticky was excited about the non-book items at the Fair. It is obvious by this moment I caught when Sticky met up with some other birds in a waterless hot tub.

Sticky's Book Fair experience ended with a hands in the air moment, a clear "Yes" vote for the Book Fair.


  1. LOL! I love Sticky Chicken.

    Somehow it seems totally apropos that he likes Justin Bieber.

    Thanks for the chuckles!

  2. Cruel ending for sticky chicken seeing how he has no hands.... thanks to a certain boy number 2.


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