Tuesday, October 19, 2010


It's Tuesday and rainy but I am happy. I'm still thinking about our weekend. We camped last weekend at Assateague Island State Park. It's an oceanfront park so you camp right on the dunes and hear the waves crashing as you sit by your campfire. Aside from the 20+ mph winds making the mid-60's feel like the high-40's, the weather was perfect. The skies were blue and sunny. The cooler temps made the campfire that much more cozy and the mosquitoes completely absent. But enough of me trying to explain it all to you. These pictures tell a much better story.

The temperatures didn't keep the kids from getting in the water.

And running in the surf.

But they afterward had to bundle up for protection from the wind.

The east-facing beach chairs were a perfect location for watching birds make their Southern migration.

When it was too cold to get back in the water, we made long shadows on the sand.

And hunted for mole crabs.

The beach is such a happy place; it makes brothers hug.

Back at the camper, this Assateague wild pony was waiting for us. And he hung around all weekend.

Our first sunset on Assateague looked like this.

The next morning just before sunrise, I spied a pod of dolphins traveling near a fishing boat.

And I waited long enough to witness this spectacular sunrise.

I'll say it again, Ass-aaaaaaaah-teague.


  1. Gorgeous photos...the second one is my favorite! Just beautiful!

  2. I went to Assateague this summer with my sister! Since I from not far from there I know the area well. We went in the dead heat of summer and saw probably fifty horses. I've never seen so many horses there in any previous visit. Looks like a blast. Wouldn't expect any less from Assateague :)

    Cabin Fever in Vermont

  3. What incredible pictures! Looks like an amazing weekend. I'm going to have to check out this place. We're thinking about getting a small camper, but haven't completely committed to it.

  4. incredible photographs!!

  5. I feel like I've been on vacation just reading your blog! Ahhhhh...
    LOVE the pictures:)


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