Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Conversing about Converse

Running buddy, LP, bought me a pair of Converse. I think this is the first pair of Converse in my life. She heard from some other runner that they were good to run in - lighter weight than running shoes, more mobility for your feet, etc. Maybe would be a halfway point between running shoes and barefoot.

Since I seem to be the product tester for different new running footwear, I tried them out today. I set out for an easy 4 miles. At the end of mile 2, I took of my Converse and finished up in my socks. (No duct tape.) Trying to be conscious of running toe-to-heel, I could feel the sole tread on each footfall. I felt that little diamond pattern being imprinted in reverse on the ball of my foot. So off they came.

While they may not accompany me on any other runs, they are so cute and will look great with shorts and capris this summer!

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  1. I loved my converse. This makes me want to get a new pair.


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