Thursday, April 22, 2010

It Takes An Indian Village

So busy recently. As I type this I am simultaneously changing the bed sheets, switching laundry between the washer and the dryer, browning ground turkey (it's 9am and the smell doesn't sit well with my coffee), doing all manner of preparations to start a marathon day of errands, multiple kid-related activities and completing final arrangements for TWO boys' birthday parties which fall within one week. Also, I am mentally preparing for my upcoming news interview that's happening this Monday (another blog post on that later...) and finalizing my business logo (you'll see it soon!) There is even more going on that I won't list here because I know you are busy too and probably really don't have time to be reading this anymore than I have time to write this, but I thank you for taking these few minutes to do so. 'Cause you know I do this all for you!

Anyway, in the midst of getting the kids out the door this a.m. and the husband re-assimilated back to life in the house (he's been out of town a lot recently so re-entry to domestic life always takes a few days of adjustment), I seek to add levity to the morning hustle. I start assigning Indian names to each of us. You know how Indians, Native Americans I should say, sometimes were named based on personal achievements of the individual. So this morning, Leonardo, my eldest son, was dubbed "Trail of Crumbs" as he can always somehow eat and you know he has been there by the piles of crumbs he leaves in his wake. Even when he tries to keep it all on the plate, there is meal debris left behind.

Helios, the younger, was aptly named "Stands with a Bad Attitude" for his, well, generally, bad attitude about most everything this morning. Don't really need to expound on that.

And hubby, was named (by the boys, NOT me!) "Farting Bull". I won't go into the details here, but if you live with a man, you can figure it out. Hubby upgraded his name to "Chief Farting Bull" since he is head of household (so we like to let him believe) and is always in charge.

And finally, Stands with a Bad Attitude with an earnest face says, "Mom, your name is "Trail of Happiness," and follows that with his sweetest smile. I think he was purely trying to get renamed or has totally mastered sarcasm. Maybe we should call him "Speaks like a Donkey Backside" instead. What do you think?


  1. Hi, Courtney! You and my sister have so much energy! But then again, you are still young. Loved the Indian names for your kids. You are very creative. I slipped over to your zenfolio. Amazing!

  2. Your brother has done something similar with the names : )

    Interview? Details please....

  3. I am confused, Leonardo and Helios? Did miss the other name game post?

  4. Growing up, my Dad was "Big Chief Whitecloud", Suzy was "Running Water" and I was "Poco".
    We always called Dad the Chief, and sis and I still sign our emails and cards in our Indian names....I never knew why my name wasn't more than one word....and always liked my sister's name better.

    "Farting Bull" can not be topped though! LOL

  5. Leonardo & Middle Son have a lot in common! We can always tell where he's eaten, and he's 18! I think Helios is wanting something! :D
    And I won't even comment on your husband's name!


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