Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Greatest of These is Love

A decade and a half ago, I married a hippie. He had long hair, played in a band, wore Birks, drove an old VW van, classic hippie stuff.  He was fun, kind, and funny. We had such great times. We road-tripped across the country from the deep South to the stunning Southwest. Twice. We tent-camped next to fabled Indian vortices of Sedona. We became vegetarian and fermented kombucha tea on top of our kitchen cabinets. We adopted a three-legged cat. We wrote our own wedding vows, borrowing wisdom from Corinthians, Star Trek and The Donny and Marie Show. We spent Saturdays in Piedmont Park. We eshewed the conservative and said "we will never..." alot. We lived an enchanted life.

Many changes come over fifteen years. We no longer live in the deep South. When we camp now, it requires much more than a tent. The vegetarianism lasted for the first ten years. Arnold, the three-legged cat, is gone and has been replaced by two human sons, two other cats, sundry gerbils and fish. The VW van somehow morphed into a Volvo wagon then into a Toyota Sienna. And most of the "nevers" have come to pass.

But some things haven't changed. I have been married to the same wonderful man for the last fifteen years. He is a hippie at heart underneath that corporate, techy facade. His long hair is gone, but he stills plays in a band. And he is still fun, kind and funny. And we continue to have great times. I love that our outward changes have been dramatic and at times surprising. It makes for great stories for the kids! And yes, we still live an enchanted life.

Happy Anniversary Baby! I love you!


  1. awesome. Happy Anniversary guys!

  2. Happy Happy! I'm just getting back home and catching kids are still cute : )


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