Thursday, December 3, 2009

Captured Unaware

I've said before that I love photographs of people when they are Captured Unaware. Private moments secretly caught are so revealing. Posed portraits can never tell stories like that. Recently, I had the opportunity, nay the pleasure, of photographing the children of a wonderful friend. We got some really nice posed shots for the family, but my favorite of the day is this sweet little shot of the daughter.

She is absolutely precious.  I love everything about this casual shot, taken secretly as she walked past.

I played with it a little to give it an old, sepia feel and I love this one too.   
Her innocence is captured here but for a moment...wouldn't it be nice to keep that innocence forever?


  1. What an adorable picture...such sweetness!

  2. Definitely captured unaware. Beautiful child.
    Great work Courtney.


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