Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Recap

On this final day of November, I believe it is time to retire my list of Thankful Things that has been living in my sidebar all month long.  But I want to preserve my list so indulge me while I restate all that I have been and am thankful for these past 30 days.  Note, these are in reverse order of appearance...I wasn't thinking about decorating for Christmas on November 1st!
  1. decorating for Christmas!
  2. makes so many things easy
  3. online shopping
  4. safe travel
  5. my sister-in-law's cooking skills and acumen
  6. hugs and kisses from my sons
  7. photography
  8. my quiet time in the house before the family wakes up
  9. music
  10. my education
  11. temps in the 60's in November
  12. forgiveness
  13. that my boys still snuggle with me on the couch
  14. mocha lattes!!!!!
  15. the brief, albeit infrequent, moments of rational communication with my children...I can see those little adults forming in there
  16. Sunday night TV time with my husband
  17. Post-it Notes and Sharpies
  18. everyday options, choices and liberties
  19. my husband and our wonderful relationship
  20. freedom and those who sacrifice for it
  21. funny things
  22. boys, specifically my two
  23. my public library
  24. all the photos of me from the 80's that my friend posted on FB today
  25. the double-ended rainbow I saw yesterday and the feeling of amazement that followed
  26. deep, enduring friendships
  27. herbes de provence
  28. second chances
  29. laproscopic surgical procedures
  30. my woolly socks
I hope you had a wonderful, thankful Thanksgiving holiday!

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