Thursday, September 17, 2009

What do braces, gall bladders & stinkhorns have in common?

Tricky one, huh? The answer: me. From that list, I am done with the first one, may be losing the second one and can't get rid of the third one. And here is more of the randomness that is my life:

Yes, I got my braces removed (you may not have known I had them). Gone now. Yea! I love my teeth!
I am trying to keep my gall bladder happy...I think it's having a mid-life crisis and is no longer doing what gall bladders do
Our family is waging war against the advance of creepy, phallic stinkhorns from our backyard..the kids no longer enter the backyard due to the smell they emit. Nice.

What else have I been up to? Let's see...
stocking the camper, getting ready for our first trip
volunteering at the kids' school...washing my hands alot!
did my first photographer's assistant job at a wedding...very fun!
waiting for UPS to delivery my studio lighting gear...portraits anyone?

I'll be back here again soon!

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  1. mom of girls here...what are stinkhorns??? I couldn't bear to look at the link. I don't like to be surprised by grotesque.

    Congrats on the braces! yipee!

    praying your gall bladder settles down...I've been saying when you get near 42ish and beyond your body just goes totally psycho...welcome to my world.


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