Monday, July 20, 2009

Homage to CourtneyP

My friend is an amazing artist, a collage artist who creates stunning scenes from tiny bits of paper and scraps. Her work is so unique, fresh, and vibrant. Trees, birds and chairs speak to you through her work. They tell you the stories that the people, long absent from her scenes, left behind. Whilst dreaming, I stumbled fortuitously into an old building filled with wide open rooms and dotted with another era's furniture. No one was there, but I heard the whispering stories they left behind. I had walked into one of my friend's collages, not yet captured in paper and glue.


  1. Soooo flattered! I love the room, feels just like home. A lone chair is always a friend. Thanks!!!

  2. How serendipitous is that?! Now if I happen upon a chair by a window some day on a run...that'll be weird. I'm so glad I have such interesting and talented friends!


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