Friday, February 14, 2014

Fragmented Heart Day

Happy Heart Day! My heart is not broken but it is fragmented today, just for blogging purposes.  On this cold, snowy February day, I've taken off my winter gloves long enough to type out a few Friday Fragments.

Let's see what's buried under all this snow.

This is what the backyard looks like with a dusting...

This picture was taken some time ago, at least 3 snowstorms ago, because we haven't seen that green stuff covering the ground for weeks now. In case you have forgotten, it is called grass.

This is what the backyard looks like now, with a dumping...

I have no comment on the current snow situation. Wait. Yes I do actually have a comment. Enough already.

We even have snow inside. There are actually two-foot drifts IN our screened in porch.

We had just gotten the mess cleaned up from the ice storm last week.

I don't remember moving to Vermont. Enough already.

I do remember how smart my two sons are though. They both have excellent grades. We celebrated this week at the middle school honor roll ceremony. Leonardo stopped by after to say hello, give me his certificate for safe keeping and let me snap a shot of him. He looks a bit proud (or maybe that's middle school embarrassment) and he should be. Proud not embarrassed. These kids work hard to get good grades. Good job!

I will say that I saw something that was very disappointing at the honor roll ceremony. Afterwards, there were several of these certificates in the trash. Kids had thrown these away before they even left the cafetorium. I know it's just a piece of paper but seeing them in the trash immediately signaled to me that those kids don't value their education...or maybe their parents don't. Or maybe the parents do but the kids don't value their parents' opinion. Either way, that is very sad to me.

So again, Happy Heart Day! I will be teaching yoga tonight at Sol in New Market and it will be a love-centered, heart-opening practice. Join me! Bring your special someone! I might have chocolate!

Hope your day is filled with love!


  1. Sorry to hear about the certificates in the trash. If they had their names on it maybe the teachers should find out why the students didn't see the value in them.

  2. I cannot seem to get far enough away from this crazy weather. I agree, enough already!
    How sad for those kids and some parents make me shake my head...
    Have a great weekend.

  3. I agree with you on the certificate in the trash. Looks like the tree missed your roof and you didn't have a parked car there (just offering on the brighter side). Ice storms are almost always worse than snow.
    wishing you warmer days

  4. Congratulations on your sons' honor roll accomplishment! You should be proud. That is quite sad about the certificates being in the trash. My son got a Student of the Month certificate and he had me frame it so he could hang it up in his room. Have a great weekend, stay warm.

  5. I am saddened, too, that the certificates were quickly trashed. In truth, the US has a consumerism, throw-away, mentality. We have too much, even certificates validating our worth. Those kids may have walls of trophies, papers, medals, etc. Sometimes, I think every 18 year old needs to spend 3 months in the developing world to see what the world looks like without the excess.

  6. That is so sad about the certificates in the trash.
    I can't believe the snow is IN your porch! Crazy!!!
    So...about the is it on the knees?

    1. re: yoga and its impact on the knees....Yoga can be a strengthener for the knees but you do have to be careful. Knees are delicate and if you already have knee issues, you do need to be mindful and educated on what is ok and not ok when it comes to the knees. Maybe I will write a blog post about yoga and knees to give some more detail. Good question!

  7. Wow! The picture of the screened-in porch is amazing and probably very frustrating! To this Southern girl, though, it looks pretty awesome.
    Congrats to your son and I am so glad that he wanted you to keep the certificate. It is clear that you have instilled an ethic in him to honor that work even if he's slightly embarrassed!
    Happy FF!

  8. I went over to your yoga studio's site and got absorbed--It's really great, and I wish I could go to one of your classes. I've been away for four days now from my local studio (sick), hoping for a smooth return tomorrow.

    Your snow looks gorgeous; I always find it lovely, even the five new inches we got today.

    Thanks for linking up; it was really great to "see" you again :) Namaste!

  9. The certificates would make me sad too. Hope you are coping with the here were supposed to go back today, but we had snow so a delayed opening. Only as soon as they got there the superintendent had to call for dismissal due to concerns about roofs/snow. Closed tomorrow while they finish inspections. Hope there was chocolate in your weekend too!


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