Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Wrap-Up Randomized

Our Christmas holiday at home has been wonderful. What we lost by not being with our relatives, we gained in extra time and freedom in our own home. This has been a true vacation for us all. There is nothing quite like having the time to do whatever you want at home with no schedule and no stressful demands on your time.

However, there were demands like staying up late and eating homemade treats at any hour of the day or night. It was demanded that we watch extra movies and play board games. We were required to have parties with friends. And some of us insisted on napping at least once a day. We all agree that we have made the most of our quiet Christmas at home.

But there is a downside to all this unstructured free time. Some of us have become a little lazy. Which is why I am doing my Christmas wrap-up on New Year's Eve and why the following is so randomized. Just some snippets that I want to preserve. Like this shot taken with my new wide angle lens.

And this one, because I like how the reindeer are silhouetted.

And this one taken Christmas morning before the kids awoke and the mayhem began.

And this one of my favorite Christmas ornament given to me by an old Atlanta friend who was a real peach herself.

And this one because they look so cute digging into their stockings.

And this one because who doesn't love algebraic humor???

I love that the boys asked for these shirts instead of ones with Angry Birds on them.

And the last snippet, where we wish you a Happy New Year!
May 2012 hold joy, health and prosperity of spirit for us all!


  1. The pictures of the tree look so peaceful!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Love those t-shirts! We missed you all this year : ) Happy 2012!


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