Thursday, June 30, 2011

How To Count to Eleven

Leonardo is now eleven. I'm a bit late in commemorating his birthday here, but late or not, it must be done. For his birthday party, he requested to take friends to a movie and then back to our house for dinner, cake and a sleepover. We've done it before, so why not again? He celebrated his birthday with five of his closest friends. Counting his brother and him, that makes seven. Here's how the party tallied up.

Seven boys.
Two vehicles for chauffeuring.
Nine movie tickets (did you think hubby and I would send them alone?)
Seven different movie snacks.
Ninety minutes with Jack Black and Kung Fu Panda 2.
Two trips to the ATM.
Seven pairs of shoes by the front door.
Three large pizzas.
One gallon of Tang. (yes, you can still buy it and we do.)
One chocolate-on-chocolate frozen custard cake.
Two "1" candles.
Three hours of Wii and various handheld video gaming.
Seven assorted Nerf guns and requisite ammo.
Seven shrieking boys.
One hundred and ten decibels. (enough for hearing damage)
Seven sleeping bags.
One basement.
Two warnings for all-quiet.
Two post-warning trips down basement stairs
One snare drum roll after second all-quiet warning.
One more trip down basement stairs.
No more Mrs. Nice Guy.
One final trip up basement stairs.
Five hours of uninterrupted sleep.
Two boxes of donuts.
Four cups of coffee (per adult)
Five goodie bags to include Twizzlers, two-foot long Slim Jim, and super squirt water blaster.
Five Thank Yous and Good-byes.
One quiet Sunday.

Happy 11th, Big Man!

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  1. Ah sleepover birthdays! Don't you love em? Sounds like he had a blast!


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