Friday, March 4, 2011

TGIF Fragments

I love Friday Fragments! It gives me the chance to grab the swirling thoughts in my brain that really have nowhere else to land and give them a home. This has been one of the busiest weeks for me in some time so I have lots of swirling thoughts but not a lot of creative energy. Friday Fragments couldn't come at a better time. I think I'm going to make this a combination Friday Fragments/Friday Flashback/Link Love post. Most of my thoughts today have connections.

This week has been busy for several reasons. First, my husband has been out of town since Monday morning. Gone all week. So all the evening activity juggling has been up to me. The kids haven't missed anything important and I have had a few wonderful friends pick up and drop off the kids when I needed a hand. I have GREAT friends!

The second reason for the busy-ness is that it is Scholastic Book Fair Week at BOTH of my boys' schools. I am the Book Fair co-chair for one of the schools and the lame, guilt-ridden parent for the other school. Being co-chair at one Book Fair means you don't get to spend much time at the other Book Fair. We finally made a trip to the "other" Book Fair last night. What else would I want to do after having spent nearly 4 complete days at a Book Fair? Surprisingly, they had the exact same books in stock. But both my sons loved browsing the shelves and they actually did find a few books they had not seen at the first fair. And yes, I have spent money at both fairs to show support to both schools. How can you say "No" to buying books?

My co-chair reminded me that we had  a visitor to last October's Book Fair. I had actually forgotten. I further realized that our little visitor has not been around since last October. Then, Sticky Chicken spent a full day at our Book Fair and hasn't been seen since. Well, actually I see him everyday laying akimbo in my kitchen catch-all drawer but he hasn't made a blog appearance since October. Shame on me for letting him go dark for so long. Not entirely my fault; I didn't know that chickens hibernate. I'll have to see if we can get him out and about soon.

This week has also been busy because of extra doctors appointments that were unexpected. No more news on the nose other than the Mike Tyson shape of the nose has gone away. We'll find out today if surgery is required. Let's hope not.

In the exciting news department, I received my first edition print copy of Tempo and Speed 2010 yesterday. I printed the second year of my blog posts. I had printed the 2009 edition last year and loved it so much, I will be printing one every year for as long we both (my blog and me) shall live. Each annual edition includes only posts from that calendar year. Here's the cover of 2010.

In other exciting news, I have a new profile picture. I needed to retire the one that I have had since the beginning of time. This new one is another self-portrait and I took it as an assignment for an online workshop I am taking. You can read all about the workshop here. If you haven't been to my photo blog, I invite you to come on over and see what going on there. With this new workshop, I plan to be posting there frequently as it is a 52-week workshop. So there will be at least one cool photo assignment per week. This week's assignment is capturing rhythm in an image...

And lastly, I am wearing a different belt with my uniform today. You didn't know I wore a uniform? Yes, I wear my official self-employed, professional volunteer homebound CEO uniform of jeans, boots and a black top.

Since it's Friday, I can stray from the more conservative leather belt to this casual leather and eyelet fabric one. Now if this isn't a fragmented post, I don't know what is. Happy Friday!

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  1. I'm glad the surgery is just a maybe...let us know. We'll call sometime over the weekend.

    I love my blog books too...they are great keepsakes and time capsules. Wish I had a hard bound copy of something like this from my moms life.

  2. What a great post! I really have to have my blogs printed out! What company did you use? Was it very expensive?

    I'm visiting from Friday Fragments...

    Check out a group I started- we have about 30 members after just a week or so....great way to get new visitors to your blog!

    The Blogging Buddies

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Come on home

  3. I LOVE book fairs. I was SO excited when my son came home from preschool with his first book order form - I remember how excited I would get browsing the books and order forms when I was in elementary school!

    I love the idea of printed books of blog entries, though for some of my past years I'd definitely have to whittle it down some I think! What site/software do you use to put yours together?


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