Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kid's Perspective

My boys crack me up. They always have. Kids always say funny things which many times they don't intend to be funny. But as an adult I find them hysterical because of the kid's perspective...I've lost it much of the time and don't see things the same as kids do.

I used to carry a small notebook in my purse to write down the funny things my boys said.

Recently, I found the notebook in the kitchen catch-all drawer. Here are a few kid nuggets from the notebook:

Do you know how many Obi Kenobis there are? Obi One Kenobi, Obi Two Kenobi, Obi Three many as you can count.

A bun is just a naked sandwich.

I come in peace...actually I don't.

A few nights ago, my husband had brought in the large leather firewood tote filled with logs for building a fire. Our cat, Max, immediately began sniffing the wood, crawling in and around the bag, and stalking the scents of creatures that were left on the wood. Once some of the logs were taken from the bag, Max crawled in and out repeatedly with the focused look of a cat on the prowl. To my "Silly cat, get out of the wood tote," my youngest said,

Max thinks the wood tote is a portal to the outsideness.

I never thought of it that way. At least not since I was seven.

** All photos in this post are the clever work of Helios.


  1. "A portal to the outsideness": LOVE IT!

  2. These are awesome :) I love the stuff kids come up with.


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