Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments...little snippets from the week that are just too good to not share.

New idea for implementing cardiac health stress tests:  Forget the treadmill. In the new version, test subjects are merely required to manage school and afternoon activities for minimum of two elementary school-aged children while maintaining a certain quality of nutritional intake for the children, insuring the homework is completed and the children's levels of Vitamin D are restored daily. For the efficacy of the test, one of the children will be made sick during the testing period. For best results, test is best implemented during the week of the Scholastic Book Fair of which test subject will act as co-chair for the duration of the stress test. If the injected radiotracer, comingled with fire, shoot from test subject's ears, maximum stress capacity has been reached. Step away from the test subject.


I had a garage sale a few weeks ago in which I attempted to sell two GhostBusters Halloween costumes, complete with inflatable Proton Pack and Neutrino Gun, all in mint condition. My asking price was $5 each. No one bought them. I saw the exact new GhostBusters costumes on my recent trip to Party City (the store, not the fictional town where I wish I lived) for $29.99 (Neutrino Gun not included). Hey, garage sale people - how's your regret level now??? A little non-buyer's remorse naggin at you?? I thought so.


I started reading "Pillars of the Earth" by Ken Follett. With all the hype about the miniseries and the book, I couldn't resist. I am burning through it and am on page 47. At my current rate of a page and a half per night, I should be finished with the 983-page tome by August 2012. That pace may seem a bit slow but it is no indication of my interest. I am riveted for the entire page that I read each night. As for the half page, I find I have to re-read it generally each night as I think I fall asleep before I actually stop reading. So realistically, I may not finish until Christmas 2012...


I am on the hunt for hedgeapples. Any of my local readers have access to them? I'll come and get them.


We are headed to our local high school football game tonight. I will be living my own little Friday Night Lights fantasy...


I printed my blog in a book. My husband has been encouraging me to do this for several months and I finally did it. I received my book yesterday and I LOVE IT! In case the internet goes down in flames, all of this verbal gold in now preserved!


  1. I loved Pillars of the Earth...the mini series was also good but nothing compares to a great book in my opinion. Have you read Little Bee (not a thing like Pillars)...I just finished that one and I liked it.

    We went to a hs game last was really fun!

    Congrats on your book-I love mine too....have a great weekend!
    What are your Thanksgiving plans?

  2. Pillars of the Earth is a great book! Then, you'll need to read the sequel. It's just as long, so it should keep you busy until your oldest graduates from high school!
    Hedgeapple....kinda looks like a green brain! What is it?
    Give me information on your blog book. I've seen it mentioned in a couple of other posts, but would like to get some information!
    Have a good weekend!

  3. One day I would love to get my blog printed as well... To pass along to my girls. That's pretty awesome to be able to do that... Out of curiosity... do they add the photos, do you choose the cover, font style, ect.??? If you have a chance I would love to hear about how it works! Perhaps a post on it?

    Thanks for sharing!


  4. I think a post about the blog book would be great..

  5. So, who'd you use to make the book? I've been thinking about requesting one for Christmas.

    Your book-reading fragment made me laugh; I can totally relate.

    Hope your team won! :)


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